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Effects of Dietary Supplements on Your Body


With the variety of products that we can purchase in pharmacies today, it is no wonder that many people are adhering to over-the-counter drugs and food supplements. Although these inventions of science have helped improve our lifestyle and our health, there are some limitations to it as well.

Flatlands Pharmacy, a patient-friendly Pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York, dispenses food supplements to our clients. But we truly believe that educating our clients about the nature and effects of the supplements they are taking is necessary. This is to help them manage their health and be able to experience the benefits of the supplements they take.

What is the primary use of dietary supplements?

The primary use of dietary supplements is found in the word itself: to supplement. Hence, it is there to boost the nutrients that we get from the food we eat and even from the vitamins we take. These supplements do not treat any diseases in any way.

Using food supplements in lieu of a prescription drug to treat a certain health ailment can be fatal. It does not contain the same active ingredients that we can find in our prescription drugs, hence, it is very risky to replace our medicines for this.

What does it do to your body?

Dietary supplements can be very helpful to our body, especially when we use them for the right purpose. Some of the benefits of dietary supplements are:

  • Your body gets enough nutrients
    If there is one thing that our food may not be able to effectively provide us, it would be the nutrients our body needs. Although fruits and vegetables may do the job of making us healthy, dietary supplements help unlock the nutrients from these food choices.

  • It treats any kind of deficiency
    As what we have already stated, our ordinary food may not be able to compensate all the nutrients needed by our body. Thus, we may acquire deficiency because some nutrients are not met. With the help of a food supplement, these deficiencies are treated.

    Indeed, it has to be noted that our dietary supplements must not be taken in replacement of a drug or in a combination of a drug. Our body can only handle too much chemical products. Our health is a priority. But we must respect our body by being very mindful of the supplements and medicines we take.

Quality drugs and effective dietary supplements can only be bought at your trusted drugstores and pharmacy. Flatlands Pharmacy, Inc., offers you varied Pharmacy Services in New York, ensuring you quality drug and healthy body. Choose wisely who to entrust your health with.

For queries and orders, you can check our website for a complete list of our services at or call us at 718-975-8200.


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