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Don’t Be Shy: 2 Ways You Can Maximize the Efficiency of Your Trip to the Pharmacy


It is a normal scene: you come into the Pharmacy, browse through the products, buy if you find it and leave if you do not. Or sometimes the situation is when you approach a staff, ask specifically for the item you are looking for, buy if they answer in affirmative and leave if it is negative. These ways of coming into a Pharmacy in Brooklyn New York is inefficient. There are, in fact, many other ways you can maximize the use of Pharmacy Services in New York. Like when you come to Flatlands Pharmacy, you should not only use your eyes to look around or have a small talk with the staff but you actually have to discuss with the pharmacist what it is that you need. Chances are there are better products that the pharmacist can suggest to you, an affordable alternative, and many other helpful information. Communicating properly with the pharmacist can spare you from hopping from one drugstore to another or for traveling further to find what you are looking for.

  • Call Ahead

    Before driving or taking a walk towards your local pharmacy, try giving them a ring beforehand. Ask if they have the medicine, supplements, or medical equipment that you intend on buying. If they do not have, then contact the next closest one. Do not forget to ask about the prices as well and for other specificities you have about what you need. Compare prices, calculate distances, and consider the quality. By doing this, you would be spared from wasting your time, money, and effort in going somewhere that does not actually meet your needs. The next time you need something, look the pharmacy’s number up online or send them an email. Any method of reaching out to them would come in very helpful to you.

  • Talk to the Pharmacist

    By talk, we mean actually discuss your needs with your pharmacist and not just merely asking them if they have what you are looking for. That does not count. For example, if you are looking for a specific brand of vitamin c, tell the pharmacist about it. He might suggest a cost-efficient alternative or another supplement that has vitamin c and many other vitamins that you need as a woman or as an elderly individual and so on. Perhaps they would ask you if you are taking any other medications or diet that may hinder the effectiveness of the vitamins or may cause undesirable consequences. Maybe you have a history of ulcer or stomach hyperacidity and they can recommend to you something that is friendly to your tummy.

Health is not a trivial matter. Food supplements and drugs are therefore not something you should be taking lightly. Do not undervalue the appropriateness of the vitamins and medicines that you take into your body. Always talk to the pharmacist efficiently to get only the best.

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